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What Does The Perfect Day Of Eating Look Like?


We all try to eat healthy on a regular basis but it is hard when our schedules are constantly changing.  One long lunch meeting may throw off your entire day.  We thought that if you had an idea of what the “perfect” day looked like you would have a better idea of how to plan out your diet.

6:44 AM – Bacon or Ham and Fried Eggs.  The protein in this power combo will fill you up and give you energy throughout the entire morning.  The protein will also help to relax your blood vessels which can decrease blood pressure.

7:38 AM – Grab a stick of gum instead of an extra cup of coffee.  Gum can actually help relieve stress while the caffeine in coffee can do the opposite.  Plus your breath is much better this way.

9:45 AM – By now you are starting to feel unfocussed and not feeling like you want to be at work at all.  Try a cup of peppermint tea to help you stay on task.

12:00 PM – Grilled Salmon – This will fill you up and give your brain a boost for the second half of the day.  If you are not big on salmon, halibut or trout will have close to the same effect.

2:13 PM – By now you feel like that regular afternoon headache is starting in.  This may sound odd but add some Cayenne pepper to some warm water and once it settles use a cue tip to swab a bit on the inside of your nose.  Studies show that the chemical that gives the peppers their heat can deplete the neurotransmitters that give us headaches.

3:11 PM – That cold you haven’t been able to shake is still slowing you down.  Ginseng can boost the activity of key cells that get your immune system going.  You can also eat oranges, kiwis, or red bell peppers to get the extra dose of Vitamin C.

5:20 PM – Heading strait to the gym but feeling tired?  Grab half an apple and a shot of expresso.  It is a low calorie combination but it will give you the energy you need to rock your workout.  Research shows that the combination of caffein and carbohydrates helps your muscles refuel.

8:50 PM – grab a glass of wine.  Not only does it take off the edge it also relaxes yoru blood vessels lowering your blood pressure.  Red wine is best as it is loaded with antioxidants that have been shown to prevent cancer.

11:20 PM – If you are too wound up to sleep grab a glass of cherry juice.  Cherries are loaded with sleep-inducing serotonin.  Sleep like a baby and repeat.

Obviously this is just one day for one person but there are a lot of good ideas for dealing with the day to day problems and a lot of solutions for giving your body what it really needs.

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  1. James

    So . . . where’s the protein after the workout? I don’t know how you could work out and then not eat anything the rest of the day. Also, no vegetables at all, the whole day?

    • admin


      Sorry that there were a few important things missing. To keep the post from being too vigorous we tried to incorporate different situations or problems that you may be able solve with the right nutrition.

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