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Testimony 2

I also wanted to mention how great my experience with Kosama has been. 

Just over a month ago a friend approached me about joining Kosama for 30 days using the Groupon that was available.  I honestly was not so sure that I wanted to do this but since she asked and really wanted a buddy to do this with I thought that I could give it a try.  My first day was truly a positive experience with John the instructor at the 5 am class. When I was ready to give up he knew just what to say to get me to push myself and he did it with a smile on his face. One of the sweetest things I can say about him is that while doing my quad stretches I was having trouble maintaining my balance. John saw this and came to me took my hand and helped me hold my balance. It is because of John’s kind, positive, and upbeat personality that when the Groupon was about to expire I decided to become a full time member of Kosama. I have just started my 5th week and because of the wonderful support that I have received I can do techniques now that I could not ever think of doing a month ago.  


Thank you John and thank you Kosama!