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Top 4 Diet Busters


Just like people, food and diet plans may not be all that they appear to be! Read up!

Here are 4 things to be cautious of:

1) 100 calorie snack packs: yes, it’s 100 calories. However, many people indulge in more than one and get carried away. Packing a healthier snack such as fruit or vegetables is more filling and healthy, and is better than Oreos.! Not to mention, less calories!

2) Pop: Hidden empty calories that doesn’t even factor in with what adds up in the food. Enjoy it every once and while!

3) Salad dressing: 1st thing most everyone converts to when changing eating habits. However, the dressing is what can KILL the whole thing and cause it to backfire since some dressings have 200 calories per tablespoon! Stick with light or fat free and you’ll be golden!

4) Alcoholic beverages/smoothies: Amazing taste and fun on a night out. Many have a meals or more worth of calories. Look for smoothies with low fat milk or yogurt and  fresh fruit . Enjoy the usual tasty margarita or long island but change it up and go for a healthier well drink such as malibu and diet! A nice fruity taste!

After all, it is the new year and you want to keep that new years resolution on the fast track!

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