Success Stories


1. Age: 33

2. Weight lost: 52 pounds

3. When you started at Kosama: April 2012

4. What was the biggest change you noticed: My life has completely changed since starting at Kosama. I have a whole new outlook on life. I'm healthier, have more energy and my self-esteem has increased.

5. What is your favorite part of class: The end lol I love the comraderie with the other members and the way the coaches push me to do things i never thought I could.

6. What is the part of class that you love to hate: Burpees!

7. If you could describe Kosama using three words, what would they be: Best Gym Ever

8. Do you have any hidden talents: I can swing my arms in opposite directions simultaneously. It's hard to explain...I'll just have to show you.

9. If you could give anyone a high-five, who would it be and why: My parents and my brother, for being so supportive, encouraging and by my side through this journey.

10. What super hero power would you want and why: Invisible - So I could spy on people without them knowing : )

11. What new goals have you set for yourself: I recently completed the Bisbee 1000 and Rugged Maniac and hope to complete more races like this in the next year.

12. If you were to talk to a new Kosama member, what would you tell them: Just keep going! You will feel like you are going to die during class and that you want to give up but that feeling of accomplishment when you finish is the greatest feeling. Keep coming to class day after day, make it a priority. It doesn't get easier, you get stronger!