$199 includes your first month membership
and everything you need to get started
After that only $75/month for unlimited classes

Your membership includes:

  • Unlimited Classes

    Unlimited Classes

    Our low monthly price includes unlimited access to all classes. We’d love to see you at least three times a week, or you can come every day!
  • Heartrate Monitor

    Heartrate Monitor

    Every member receives their very own monitor. Worn during class, you’ll train at an exertion level that’s challenging yet safe and appropriate.
  • Weekly Check-in

    Weekly Check-in

    Certified staff works with you to establish a path towards complete body transformation. Weekly Check-ins offer the ongoing support you need.
  • myKosama.com


    Track your workouts and progress, create meal plans and get healthy eating tips. Included in your membership at no additional charge.
  • Kickboxing Gloves

    Kickboxing Gloves

    Your enrollment includes your Transformation Gear starter kit including Kickboxing Gloves. Everything you need for your first class.
  • Circle of Kosama

    Circle of Kosama

    We will recognize and celebrate your milestones during regular intervals during your body transformation journey. Continue to be inspired and motivated.