"It's not just exercise, but a new lifestyle for me."
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Why Partner With Kosama?

Kosama is a personalized group fitness class, that encompasses an eight week body transformation program. Our unique program integrates the principle of muscle confusion with nutrition, consultation, and heart-zone training. We are so confident in the success of our eight week body transformation program that we offer a money back results guarantee!

In 2011, Entrepreneur magazine named the health and wellness industry one of its hot trends for the future. As one of the fastest-growing trends in that space, Kosama has experienced tremendous success in a short amount of time. Here are three key reasons why Kosama is the right opportunity for you:

Proven Business Model:
Kosama franchises on average enjoy stronger member retention rates than the health and fitness industry average. This means you generate revenues from alumni and membership income, along with retail income such as nutrition products, supplements and apparel to boost your bottom line.

No Experience Needed:
Our turnkey programs and support systems allow you to become successful regardless of your prior fitness industry experience. Additionally, over 90 percent of our franchise owners are absentee or semi-absentee, allowing you to keep your day job.

Low Initial Investment:
Total investment is approximately $125,000-$175,000; required cash upfront is $50,000. Discounts are available for multiple-location investors.

The Kosama Model

Kosama is a unique, one-of-a-kind group training program designed to accommodate all fitness levels from triathletes to those looking to shed some extra weight in a team-like atmosphere. The eight-week body transformation program integrates muscle confusion, nutrition and consultation, with a money-back results guarantee. Along with revenues generated by memberships, Kosama offers a host of nutritional products, supplements and other retails goods to improve your bottom line. Low initial startup costs coupled with minimal monthly overhead, Kosama is a franchise opportunity that has no limits.

Kosama Keys to Success

As a Kosama franchise owner, you'll have all the systems and support you need to become successful fast:

  • Real estate team to help find and negotiate lease terms and locations
  • Pre-negotiated discounts for all equipment including delivery and installation at your location
  • Pre-opening training and ongoing support to help maintain a successfully operating studio
  • Dedicated in-house support team to assist with your Grand Opening marketing and operations
  • World-class marketing and technology to continue growing your business year-round


Franchisee Testimonial

"I couldn't be happier with the decision we made to open the 1st Kosama Franchise – and there’s a reason we’ve opened our second Kosama with success. As long as we're seeing our members have significant results and then to keep them coming back- we know the system works. The decision to open our third and fourth franchise was easy as well!"
-Andy W. Franchise Owner

Member Testimonial Before
Member Testimonial After

"Over the last decade I continued to be stressed out at work, eat like a pig, and sometimes indulge more than I should in adult beverages. Walking upstairs got me winded, 1 flight! The final straw was when my 5 year old said, “Daddy, why are you always too tired to play?” Wow! I had no idea a severely obese, (297 lbs.) middle aged man could get his life and health back so fast. In my opinion the actual workout is just one piece to changing your body. Everyone can work out on their own, but we don’t. The structure of the program allowed me to treat myself of 1 hour “me” time 6 days a week. No cell phones, no emails, just “me” time. Kosama’s structure is what allowed me to change the way I fuel my body."


Q: What type of locations fit the Kosama model?
A: Typically we look for 3,500 to 5,000 sq foot of space to lease.

Q: What are the fees after I pay the initial franchise fee?
A: Kosama collects 6% of your monthly revenues as a franchise fee plus 2% towards national marketing.

Q: How much money can I make from a Kosama?
A: The actual results of individual franchisees are based on factors outside of Kosama’s control. You will have the opportunity to speak with other franchisees regarding their income and expenses once you receive our Franchise Disclosure Document.

Q: Do I have to run the studio?
A: We encourage owners to have involvement with their locations, but it is not required. A big factor to our success has been the attention to details and personalized customer service our members receive on a daily basis. Many of our franchisees have still achieved this as an absentee or semi-absentee owner.

Q: How much training do I receive?
A: All new Kosama franchisees attend training for four days at our corporate headquarters in Chanhassen, MN.

Q: Can I open multiple studios?
A: We encourage it!

Q: I’m ready - what’s the next step?
A: Complete the Franchise Application and we’ll get in touch with you!