We see the results that our members experience on a daily basis. But when we hear it directly from their mouths, or see it in our 'before and after' photos--it means even more. 

                Here are a few testimonals from our members

"What's my secret? Simple, it's a lifestyle change, not a 10 day cleanse or any stupid diet like that. I completely changed what I was eating and I started to pay attention to what I had been doing compared to what I do know. I substitute greek yogurt for my ice cream, little things like that! Also, get off the couch, a one hour workout is only 4% of your day, think of it that way! Find a place you're comfortable at to workout in, I have had a gym memberships and I never went, I hated it and felt like I was being judged, but now, I've found Kosama where I feel comfortable and I have friends there. Working out is better when you have a support system! I'm only down 80lbs since March, and I say only because I'm not done yet! I want to lose more than 100 and there's so much I want to accomplish fitness-wise for example, next year, I want to run the twin cities 10-mile and I AM GOING TO DO IT! Set goals for yourself and see what you can do!" - Katie Toupal

"Best thing that I have done for myself in years. After allowing myself to get out of shape I decided I needed to try something different, the standard treadmill just wasn't cutting it anymore. The classes and instructors are incredible. With a different class offering daily it keeps you motivated and not bored. The instructors give one on one assistance and encouragement even in the group setting. These are hard core workouts but what a great feeling of accomplishment after each class and the results have been amazing. I would recommend Kosama to anyone who is seriously interested getting into shape, loosing weight, toning, building muscle, or simply maintaining. "
Libby Payne

"If you love small group workouts this is the perfect gym for you! There is a different class offered everyday of the week (with several class times offered a day). The classes change every month so you never get bored.The instructors are motivating and push you to your limits every workout. I love the variety of strength training and cardio (I even don't mind the burpees so much anymore!) and I actually look forward to going to the gym now.The owner, Jake, is very friendly and makes everyone feel like a part of the "Kosama' community.There is also free parking behind the building which is pretty rate in downtown Minneapolis!" - Tawnya Hopkins