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Lean Law #6


Lean Law #6: Lean People Move Around.

If I were a betting man, I’d put money on the fact that you haven’t seen a lot of “fidgety” overweight individuals in your day. In general, people that move more, weigh less. And I’m not talking running a marathon every other month, or working out two hours a day. I mean simple activities like playing outside with your children or parking at the end of the lot. It’s these dozen “extra” kicks that make the end of the day, calorie burning difference.

Additionally, those people are generally happier and healthier than similar individuals who spend hours watching TV or sitting inactive around their home. So find those “extra” activities that you enjoy today, and do more of them! You’ll play your way to extra calories burned and never feel like it’s a second of “work” along the way!

One more law coming at you!

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