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Kosamie Of The Week – Brad Rieks


This week’s KOTW throne goes to Brad Rieks from Kosama Altoona!  Make sure you are posting pictures of you in your Kosama gear on the Kosama Official Facebook Page for your chance at the throne.  Read below for a great story on Brad!

Brad Rieks doesn’t need to make excuses for sitting home in front of the TV instead of working out. He has what most people would consider a legitimate reason. He’s legally blind.

“I’m 90 percent blind,” Rieks said. “I see well enough to get around in the places I know, but not in places that are unfamiliar.”

He has retinitis pigmentosa, an inherited disease that gradually destroys the rods and cones in the retina. The disease affects night vision, peripheral and color vision. It is progressive and incurable.

His visual impairment affects his balance. A walk around the block or an exercise routine turns into a falling hazard.

The sedentary life that goes with his deteriorating vision was turning Rieks into a heart attack waiting to happen.

“My cholesterol was so high they couldn’t measure it. I was borderline diabetic,” Rieks said.

Faced at 48 with taking medications the rest of his life, Rieks and his wife Lynda signed up for an eight-week session at Kosama/Altoona. (Read more)

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