Success Stories

Ann Brown

Height Starting Weight Current Weight
5'8" 165 133

The following is a great testimonial from one of our long time members Ann Brown- it just goes to show you what hard work and dedication can acheive!  Thanks for sharing this Ann!


"A year and a half ago I was facing several unpleasant realities: I found myself gaining weight, my clothing size was increasing, adn I had lost so much of the youthful energy and strength I once took for granted. I knew I needed to make some changes.

After trying many types of workouts over the years with very little permanent success, I found exactly what I needed at Kosama.  The classes are challenging, efficient, dynamic, and always fun!  With their positive motivation, the coaches eliminate the guesswork and see to it that I'm getting the most out of each workout.

Since joining Kosama I've committed to the workouts, made some changes in my diet, and took control of my health.  Today at age 47, I am stronger and more fit than I was in my 20's.  I've lost more than 25lbs an dropped 4 dress sizes.  And most pleasing is the confidence and positive outlook that has come along with my success, thanks in large to Kosama.....It just works! "

Ann Brown, Highlands Ranch, CO