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Getting Sick Of The Same Old Salad?


Not every salad needs to be restricted to Iceberg lettuce.  In fact, you can power pack your salads with a variety of nutritional value by switching out your regular leafy greens. Here are a few good ideas to help you make a better, more enjoyable salad.

Mizuna – This mustard green is high in immune-boosting vitamin C, folate, and iron.  It’s light and feathery so it dries out easily.  Try and pick the richest freshest bunch you can find.

Mache – A one-cup serving is all you need for 80% of your daily requirement of folate,which helps prevent certain birth defects and keeps your heart healthy.Rinse mâche briefly to avoid damaging its delicate leaves.

Watercress – In addition to delivering high doses of vitamins A, K , and C, watercress contains isothiocyanates—compounds that boost your body’s natural detoxifying abilities.  Wash this peppery and pungent green carefully and thoroughly, as it tends to come with a  bit of sand.

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