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15 January 2014

Maureen's Kosama Transformation

By: Kosama

For years, Maureen avoided any kind of physical activity. She spent money on gimmicky weight-loss products, but continued gaining weight. She hadn't realized how big she'd gotten until her family doctor said she was obese.


In May 2011, Maureen had a life-changing experience. Her cousin died from a heart attack at age 39; she was a mother of two and extremely overweight like Maureen. Maureen vowed to make a change for her health and stop making excuses for skipping the gym.


Maureen started eating well and working out five times a week at her local fitness center. After three months, she lost 20 pounds, but seemed to plateau there. Frustrated and looking for a solution, Maureen decided to check out a new fitness facility her friends were talking about: Kosama.


After the initial testing day, Maureen was exhausted – both physically and mentally. She could only do one regular push-up, very few seconds of planking, and barely hang from a pull-up bar. Still, she was determined change her health for the better.


After the first eight-week session, Maureen lost 17 pounds, 16 inches, and six percent of her body fat. Her family and friends were so proud of what she lost, but she was most proud of what she gained: a passion for being fit and healthy, as well as control of her body and life.


Two years later, she's lost more than 60 pounds and continues to set goals for herself. Way to go, Maureen!

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