14 February 2013

Valentine Love from Kosama

By: Jodi Sussner, Director of Personal Training

Just in time for Valentines Day! 

Some of my favorite Websites and Bloggers serve up some of my favorite Valentines Day treats!  I've pulled together a day's worth of Kosama-friendly love for you - click the title for the recipe.


Chocolate Love

I could never give up my cup of Joe – so, it helps to know that there are some benefits to my vice!  Click the title to learn more.


Kick off your V-Day right - Grab a cup, make a little heart on top, then get your energized and caffeinated self to your Kosama class!


Coconut Cherry Protein Smoothie

Make your workout count by consuming protein and carbohydrate within 45-minutes of your workout.  Skip the muscle loss, and gain a metabolism boost! 

Plus, it doesn’t have to be bland – click the title above for my favorite Protein Smoothie recipe!



Chocolate Covered Bacon

Hands down..THIS is my go-to site for living clean, healthy, and happy – check out:  HealthyLivingHowTo.com


Chocolate covered bacon might sound crazy but, the salty, sweet goodness will surprise you!  Plus, you are getting protein and the antioxidant benefit of dark chocolate!

Filet Mignon

Every Valentine's Day needs a savory dinner to look forward to.  This recipe includes lean, high-quality protein with a little a personal favorite of mine - whipped cauliflower rather than potato.

  The crusted bleu cheese topping provides a little guilty pleasure that every Kosamie deserves!





Chocolate Covered Strawberries

If you promise yourself to get to Kosama a few extra times this week, then you have earned this sweet treat.  And hey...it's not so bad as far as calories go. Plus, the strawberries are high in fiber and support our antioxidant rich theme.

Filling and Fitting for a Valentines Day to remember!





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