11 February 2013

Kosama Member Spotlight: Linda Menter

By: Jodi Sussner, Director of Personal Training

Linda Menter

linda menter


Meet Linda Menter

Linda "Before" at left...and Linda today!

She joined Kosama last year and has a pretty awesome story - so, I'll let her tell it in her own words:



About 6 months ago, I discovered Kosama.  Like so many people, I was a "former" athlete.  As a kid, young adult, and even into my 30's, if there was a sporting activity, I was into it.  Then I lost sight of all of that.  I severed my ACL, meniscus damage and a couple of knee surgeries later and my ability to play the sports I so loved...was over.  Running, softball, volleyball, and anything requiring me to jump, were in my past.  So I thought...


I spent the next 17 years gaining weight and slowly starting to view myself as a "former athlete".   I let my physical limitations define me and just figured, "that's how life goes".  Deep inside I wasn't content with that definition but, I didn't know how to go about changing it.


Then came Kosama.  Overweight and tired of being so, I had been working on changing my diet and exercising on my own, with little progress to show for it.


The Kosama program, with its muscle confusion and serious intensity, was a lifesaver to me.  I had no idea that I could push myself in such a healthy, thoughtful manner, and was shocked at how quickly my body responded to the workouts.  My first few weeks of working out were real eye openers.  I couldn't get through 1/2 of the classes, and had to use modifications for virtually every move.  I couldn't do a pushup or a lunge - jumping jacks? Forget it - too scary to leave the ground!  But I figured, "what do I have to lose?"  There's no shame in trying and as much as it pained me to look in the mirror, I set myself up near the front of the room for every class.  I was also assertive in requesting help from the instructors so, I did things with the correct form.  


Everyone at the club from the management team, to the instructors, my fellow members...have been unbelievably supportive.  The atmosphere is one of accountability and intensity.  They challenge us to leave our comfort zone but, to do so safely.  To me it's the perfect combination, and my body responds.


Steve, the club manager, worked at length with me - teaching me about nutrition, and the impact it has on our bodies.  He taught me how without proper nutrition, it's easy to lose muscle mass, making it difficult to lose weight.  I now focus heavily on getting enough protein in my diet and as long as I do that, I'm not as sore after my workouts and my body recovers more easily.  Plus, I'm getting muscle definition for the first time in my life and it's so much fun to see and feel.


I still have a ways to go, but I now can do jumping jacks, lunges, and pushups.  Each month brings new gains and it's VERY empowering!  Stay tuned for my "after" pics coming soon!




Linda wants everyone to know how much the Kosama Program has changed her life - she is eternally grateful.  She's hoping that others will read her story and be inspired to make a change as well. 

Linda, you have inspired us in return - Go Kosamies!




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