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Kosama’s program has been developed to deliver the most valuable workout for everyone to see results. Kosama is a revolutionary program that stands alone from the competition. Kosama Complete Body Transformation is an 8-week program designed to increase lean muscle mass and transform the body from the core out. Kosama not only focuses on lean muscle growth but overall conditioning including mind, balance, flexibility, and overall health. Whether you are an athlete looking for a competitive advantage, an executive looking for a clearer mind and more energy or someone looking to get into the clothes you would like to wear, Kosama is the complete program for you!

Mission Statement

The Mission of the KOSAMA Program Board is to assist KOSAMA members to achieve their optimal physical potential using the latest and most innovative structured programs. This insures that KOSAMA will remain the leader in Total Body Wellness.

Each program is designed to help members achieve optimal physical performance and weight loss. This is accomplished through the science of muscle confusion which includes strength training, stretching, aerobic, anaerobic, and plyometric exercises.

The Program Boards mission is to make sure that all ages, physical capabilities and body types can safely complete the program with results that leave them with a better sense of well-being.


Kosama is broken down to 6 different workouts throughout the week. Kosama has set it self apart from any program with its variety of fitness and complete body overhaul.



According to a study by Yoga Journal, nearly 20 million Americans practice yoga. Yoga is used by both men and women. As a result of the practice of yoga, your entire muscular system becomes stronger and more elastic, and thus less susceptible to injury. When practiced regularly, yoga reliably increases our sense of physical health, emotional well-being, mental clarity, and spiritual connection.



Kettlebells work – it’s really that simple. They can help anyone acquire the kind of functional strength that’s valuable in almost any area of endeavor. Kettlebells drop inches and weight, or both. Kettlebells are versatile enough to be used by a burly 300 lb. power lifter or a sub-100-pound person who has never exercised before.



You will improve your health and have a physically fit body by getting into kick-boxing workout routines. This is the best way for you to have a stronger body and gain confidence in yourself. Many people see positive results from kick-boxing training. You will build stronger and more defined arms and legs.



Plyometric exercises train our muscles to reach maximum strength in minimal time. Translated: Plyometric exercises can help you get stronger, faster, and more efficient. Strength + Speed = Power. When we do plyometrics, we are training our neuromuscular system to respond quickly to increased loads. Plyometric exercises fire up your fat burning machine.

upper body

Upper Body Strength

Upper body resistance training is done to help the body put on lean muscle mass. This allows you to tighten up the arms and back. When done properly strengthening the upper body helps maintain proper posture. Some exercises performed in the Kosama Upper Body Strength day activate over 200 muscles throughout the body.

lower body

Lower Body Strength

Lower Body resistance training is done in order to change your body into a fat burning machine. The lower body consists of muscles that are known to consume high quantities of fat once they become metabolically active. Lower body strength day is done to accomplish just that! Toning up the legs, thighs, and gluteals, as well as activating the core musculature.